Project Resistance
Japan 2023-2024

"Resistance", short film. Still.

Project Dilemma
Japan 2022-2023

"Dilemma", short film. Still.

Project Aleph
Japan 2021-2022

"Aleph", short film (trailer).

"Aleph", short film (trailer). Still. 

Project The Phoenix Challenge
Japan 2020-2021

"Intangible", short film.

"The wing of the Phoenix", bird feathers, sewn tulle and matte satin fabric.

Project Ashes
Japan 2011-2019

"Ashes thou Art, and unto ashes shalt thou return", installation/ashes

"Intangible", installation

In 2011, after the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, Carolina decided to return to Tokyo.
While contemplating the effects of the disaster, she resolved to draw the infinite with cherry blossom ashes.

Project Natural/Artificial
Italy 2010

Could you find the line that defines the boundary between what is natural and artificial?
In Sardinia, Italy, she worked with engraving techniques developing unique pieces.
Carolina mulled over the matrix, and what she founds was continuum.

"Natural/Artificial A" engraving/sicilian paper

Project Veins
Morocco 2010

"The girls" photograph

During her six month stay in Morocco, Carolina embroidered veils with green silk thread on white organdy.
The beehives transmute into labyrinths.
What are the brides thinking about?

"Hijab" veil/embroidery

Project The life of bees
Spain 2009

“The life of bees” is a body of artworks which articulates through the metaphysics of the beehive and their correlation with human
existence. Carolina created these works combining Washi (Japanese paper) and pollen, among other media.

"The life of bees" transfer/pollen/washi (detail)

"The life of Camille" drawing/transfer

Project Masquerade
Japan-Spain 2006-2009

“Masquerade” is the search for honesty throughout universal symbols.
During the process of elaboration, Carolina was cloaked in Japanese contemporary performing arts and reading novels. 

"Almost spiral" transfer/drawing/washi

"Dondoro" drawing

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